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2022 FOG Workshop

June 23, 2022
***This event is currently full***

Fats, oil and grease are the #1 culprit of sanitary sewer overflows. We’ve increased
compliance with inspections and cleaning programs and sewer overflows are now
at an all-time low. Agencies are even starting to achieve what was once thought
impossible – zero SSOs for an entire year. Coachella Valley Water District
recently achieved that milestone in 2021. 
sessions and speakers include:
PROGRAM RESILIENCE: Tips for Passing Inspections and Improving
Effectiveness - Jim Fischer, Fischer Compliance LLC

Best Practices for Combating
FOG through proper GI Sizing & Maintenance - Tony Cole, IPEX USA

Building Stronger Communities
Through the Power of Data - Benjamin Braman, Aquatic Informatics

Public/Private Partnership;
Teaming Approach to FOG Compliance - Adam Stontz, IRWD and Jim Kolk,

FOG Stakeholder (FSEs, Haulers)
Engagement – Changes in Practices and Trends - Eric Snell, SwiftComply

FAQs About FOGS, or, Why The
Fuss About FOGS - Dennis Doherty, The Filta Group

Meeting Regulatory
Compliance Requirements DOs and DON’Ts -  Dr. Mo Lahsaie, REHS, City of Oceanside

Session leads are: Paul Prange, City of San José; Joe Jenkins,
EEC; and Travis Fisher, Ojai Sanitary District.
treats and lunch are included. Thank you to the 2022 FOG Workshops sponsor endura
Grease Management.
We're reuniting 100+ collection system
and pretreatment professionals together to tackle tough FOG challenges.
Learn from the experts, build your network of FOG specialists, and
share successful tactics you've learned.


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