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Sewer System Exfiltration - Understanding the Basics

August 26, 2020
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Our State’s history of sewage management demonstrates why California is a leader in the protection of public health and the environment. Over the last century, the majority of urban septic tanks have been replaced with engineered collection systems that convey raw sewage to wastewater treatment plants. Through the 2006 State Water Resources Control Board’s adoption of the statewide Sanitary Sewer System waste discharge requirements, a relatively recent focus has been placed on sanitary sewer overflows, and the necessary local system management programs needed to reduce overflows into surface waters. Due to impacts from severe drought and changing climate conditions, protection of our drinking water sources has become among our State’s highest water quality priorities. The State and Regional Water Boards implements numerous surface and groundwater quality regulatory programs to protect these water resources for drinking water supplies. Local sewer agencies have greatly contributed to the protection of our drinking water sources by reducing sanitary sewer overflows into our surface waters. But what about sewer system exfiltration underneath the surface? Is it a concern for all sewer systems? Join us for this Sewer System Exfiltration webinar as we learn and get our questions answered by technical and regulatory experts. 

Learning Objective(s) - after participating in this session, attendees will be able to: 
• Describe why exfiltration is a system-specific issue based on conditions unique to individual systems.
• Discuss how system construction, materials used, and changing conditions lead to potential exfiltration.
• Identify what research and case studies have concluded.
• Name the scientific, economic and regulatory issues associated with exfiltration.


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