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State Water Board PFAS Order Compliance Workshop For POTW'S

September 16, 2020
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Join the Clean Water Summit Partners (BACWA, CASA, CVCWA, CWEA and SCAP) for a series of virtual presentations from clean water professionals and regulators about the State Water Board’s investigative order to publicly owned treatment works. The State Water Board issued an order (WQ 2020-0015-DWQ) to all POTWs over 1 MGD to complete a PFAS questionnaire and complete PFAS sampling and testing for influent, effluent and biosolids. In some cases, groundwater sampling may also be required. This webinar was designed to assist agencies with efficient and consistent compliance with the order. Speakers include State Water Board staff plus clean water professionals and consultants who have already been working on PFAS issues and have a head start. Segments include: Introduction – Meeting: Protocols & Goals by Debbie Webster, Central Valley Clean Water Association; Background on PFAS by Tom Bruton, Green Science Policy Institute; PFAS In Biosolids by Ryan Batjiaka, San Francisco PUD State Water Board PFAS Update and POTW Order Overview by Wendy Linck, State Water Resources Control Board; Analytical Methods/QA/QC by Taryn McKnight, Eurofins; Cross Contamination Concerns in Wastewater, Biosolids & Groundwater Sampling by David Kaminski, QED Environmental Systems; ELAP and PFAS by Christine Sotelo and ELAP Staff, State Water Resources Control Board; Regional Water Board Review for PFAS Groundwater Monitoring Plan by Scott Hatton, Central Valley RWB; Entering your Data in Geotracker by Steven Mullery, State Water Resources Control Board; Soft Wrap Up by Steve Jepsen, SCAP; Q&A; and Final Wrap Up by Debbie Webster, Central Valley Clean Water Association. Contact hours are only provided to those that participated in the live webinar to see the slides and hear the audio.
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