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Getting Hyperion WRP to 100% Water Recycling

April 13, 2023
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In February 2019, former Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the goal of making Los Angeles 100% recycled water to reduce the import of water and provide at least 70% of the City's water demand from local sources. Currently, close to 90% of the City's water is imported from the Bay Delta, Colorado River, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Hyperion is the largest of the City's four water reclamation plants, receiving approximately 260 million gallon per day (mgd) of wastewater, and discharging about 230 mgd effluent into Santa Monica Bay after full secondary treatment. The overall goal of Hyperion 2035 is to transform Hyperion from one of the largest full secondary treatment facilities to an advanced water purification facility for producing recycled water for indirect and/or direct potable reuse. This conversion to 100% water recycling can potentially provide up to 230 mgd of new recycled water, or close to 50% of the City's water demand, for groundwater augmentation and direct potable reuse. Hyperion 2035 will be the largest transformation in the plant's history of 130 years with an estimated cost of about $5 billion for many years of design and construction. The technical challenges are plentiful but at the same time the Hyperion 2035 Program provides a great opportunity for modernizing the plant and reducing future pollutant discharges to Santa Monica Bay.

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Cody Duncan

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