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Ask the Experts: State Water Board’s Operator Certification Exams (Free)

September 10, 2020
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We’re honored to welcome managers from the California State Water Board Office of Operator Certification (OOC) to an informative webinar for water professionals and utility leaders focused on the State’s drinking water distribution, treatment and wastewater treatment operator exams. From individuals considering a water/wastewater career to OITs to currently certified and all the way up to managers and utility executives, let’s work together to help support the State’s certification program during these incredibly challenging times. Unfortunately, all 2020 State Water Board operator exams have been cancelled. Click here (http://send.cwea.org/link.cfm?r=9qlg1juzeXlkdKfDLDVtgw~~&pe=Fz2luZdCT_qi4PwL_LExl90drZ8CTWQw-zXDPzyZInSEl26MiV8d5gn-uCZuFOVedFUuE3vayH3lvtkH6Jo1jQ~~&t=ZRgKOCYg6lYb_mUmFQ6vEA~~) for an update from SWRCB and a request process plant managers can follow to request emergency operator exams. No contact hours are awarded for this webinar.

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