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One Water – The Power of One and the Promise of Many - Live Webinar

August 24, 2022

SARBS Members: Complimentary
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Non-Member fee: $35.00 

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Communities that effectively practice reuse understand the importance of fit-for-purpose water and typically employ a variety of approaches and technologies tailored to their needs and goals. As utilities and agencies face growing challenges driven by climate change, reduced water availability, effluent discharge elimination and increasingly stringent discharge requirements, overdraft of groundwater resources and land subsidence, and alike, a holistic approach that takes the full water cycle into account and big picture thinking become more critical. Adopting a One Water philosophy and fostering collaboration among agencies that manage different water functions allows success of such programs. Case studies of such successful implementation of one water strategies will be presented, along with enabling technology solutions used. 

Learning Objectives/ Attendee Takeaways:
1. Learn about One Water approaches that provide water supply resilience for communities.
2. Learn about the case studies of reuse facilities/projects that stemmed from One Water thinking.
3. Learn about critical success factors and useful technologies to enable One Water projects.


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