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Wastewater Treatment Processes and Technologies Workshop (2023)

May 31, 2023
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Hot Topics for Hot Sewage

The face of the wastewater treatment industry changed exponentially in the early seventies. By in large, we are still living with the treatment concepts, processes and technologies developed then and into the 1980s and ‘90s. Current changes in the quality of sewage and technological advances demands that we rethink and retool our craft. Further, changes in power, chemical and material supply-chain reliability and cost drives home that it is time for another exponential leap in the evolution of wastewater treatment.

This full day workshop brings forward advanced concepts, practical and efficient technologies and control strategies that will address the challenges of the near future. It is up to us to revolutionize treatment to serve our communities better, more reliably and more economically. First, we must overcome the organizational, physical and mental barriers that have kept us from going where we need to be.

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Opening statement by Session Host Wyatt Troxel & Jamie Ferro
Fifty Year Look-Back – Five Year Look-Forward

Session 1: Jamie Ferro, West Yost/CER – Environmental and Economic Conditions That Are Changing Process Conditions Now and Into Our Future

Session 2: Wyatt Troxel, EnerVention Strategies – Digging into Details – What you may not know about Hydrogen Sulfide, BOD, SRT & MCRT and SVI and improving their effect and use in process control

Session 3: Invited Panel – Improving Process Control Decision Making – Developing An Interactive Process Control Dashboard 

Session 4: Wyatt Troxel - Quantum advancements in mixing and aeration technologies; new microbiology measurements and control; advances in solids dewatering and reuse; advanced control of disinfection

Session 4: Panel Discussion (Ferro, Troxel, Others) – The Power Picture – It Isn’t Pretty 

Session 5: Round Table Discussions – Systems in Systems - Integrating the Solutions – What Are Your Take-Home Ideas?

Session 6 – Close-out summary: What did we learn – what do we take home?

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