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Understanding Compliance Inspection using the 6ps Model for PCI Audits (Free)

June 17, 2020
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The 6Ps model serves as a navigational tool for LASAN?s inspectors and stands for products, processes, pollutants, pretreatment system (PTS), parameters, and plan of the shop. LASAN?s Industrial Waste Management Division (IWMD) has developed inspection forms to be used during routine inspections. This presentation highlights the 6ps model system, what all ECIs should be aware of during pretreatment compliance inspection (PCI) audits and what auditors may find as deficiencies during PCI audits. Learning Objectives: Describe how to use the 6Ps model to perform a compliance inspection. Define the most important P of this model - the pretreatment system (PTS). Discuss deficiency examples found or recommendations made by the auditor of PCI and how the control authority responded with correction actions. Contact hours are only provided to those that participated in the live webinar to see the slides and hear the audio.

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