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Northern Safety Days Webinar: What is an Electrically Safe Work Condition

October 29, 2020
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Members: $25.00
Non-Members: $35.00

CWEA Contact Hours: 1.2 towards all CWEA Certifications
What is considered an electrically safe work condition in the NFPA 70E? Is it really a work condition or a maintenance condition? How do you safely move around exposed electrical conductors? Just what does it all mean? Join us to discover answers to these questions and to learn what to do, wear and how to qualify the work area.

Learning Objective(s):
After participating in this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Discuss electrical safety in a new light.
  • Identify what to wear while working with electricity.
  • Name the safe electrical zones.
Speaker: Ralph Stevens, CMRP, CAMA, CESCP, Consultant
Ralph Stevens has over 35 years in Water/Wastewater in plants from 1MGD to 900MGD, Certifications include: CMRP Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional, CESCP Certified Electrical Safety Compliance
Professional, CAMA Certified Asset Manager/Auditor, CWEA Grade 4 E&I, WWTPO Grade 3, NWEA Mechanical Grade 3. He started out as an Electrician in the Deep Tunnel Chicago and ended up in Leadership. Ralph is a strong believer in reliability centered maintenance and thinking through troubleshooting. He is looking to give back to the industry and help all that he can.
Moderator: JJ Jeffries  

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