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SCRWA Facility Plant of the Year Tour and BBQ

August 24, 2023
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The South County Regional Wastewater Authority (SCRWA) is a joint powers authority established to manage the treatment of wastewater for the cities of Gilroy and Morgan Hill. In 1994, the existing primary and secondary treatment facilities were commissioned, to treat an average dry weather flow (ADWF) of 7.5mgd. Upgrades to the system were performed in 2002, and in 2007 the facility was tested and re-rated to treat up to an ADWF of 8.5mgd.

In partnership with Valley Water, the SCRWA facility operates a recycled water facility co-located at the treatment plant site. The recycled water facility was commissioned in 1995, with a reliable treatment capacity of 3mgd. In 2006, the facility was expanded to a reliable treatment capacity of 9mgd.

In 2016, the facility went through a major maintenance project which included an Ovivo diffused air system and a Wedeco UV system. The UV system is capable of processing 9mgd. The SCRWA facility is currently going through another expansion project due to be commissioned in 2025. The new project includes a 2.5mgd membrane bioreactor system, a new headworks, and a new dewatering building.

Registration will close at 30 attendees and the cost per participant is $50.00 each. The registration includes a tour of the facility and a BBQ lunch with door prizes.


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