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Wipes Webinar 2: O&M and Technology Strategies (On-Demand)

June 25, 2020
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Our first CASA-CWEA wipes recording focused on legislative and public communication about wipes. On this recording, we’re diving even deeper into the California wastewater wipes challenges.

Four California wastewater collection system leaders will describe:
1. Agency struggles with wipes
2. Where they found wipes building-up and clogging in their collection systems
3. How they went about finding a solution, including: public outreach, O&M changes and wastewater technology solutions
4. Results of their efforts and next step

Technologies that were discussed:
• Adjusting pump station set points, run-time and other operational changes
• Implementing new pump technologies
• Implementing grinder and screening systems
• Public outreach platforms

Diana Messina with the State Water Board  lead a Q&A with our panel of experts to get your wipes questions answered. 


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