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CWEA Cert Prep Course for Collection System Maintenance - Grade 1 & 2 Candidates (sponsored)

April 17, 2024
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Registration Fee: $295
Online webinars

Two Days: 4/17/24 and 4/24/24 8am-11am
The registration fee includes registration for both days.


DKF Solutions Group presents t
his interactive live online course, which is designed for both the Grade 1 and Grade 2 candidates and includes two 3-hour online study sessions, both based on the Knowledge Domains in the CWEA Candidate Handbook. The first session will cover how to prepare for the exams and collection system math. The second session will cover content from the other Knowledge Domains.   
The Purpose of Certification

Why do you want to get your certification? Is it a condition of employment? Is it tied to a job classification you are seeking?  Both are worthy endeavors. Consider this approach: Invest in yourself. Study and prepare with the intent to gain a better understanding. Apply what you learn while performing your day-to-day duties, improve your performance and be better at your job. Certification is an investment in yourself. If you focus on self-improvement, the certificate will follow.

Outcomes of this approach

·         Demonstrate a commitment to yourself.
·         Become more competent and confident.
·         Standout amongst your peers.
·         Become more valuable to your agency.
·         Be prepared for that next promotion.
·         Make the best of your career.

Course Takeaways

·         Learn how to prepare for the exam.
·         Validate your strengths and identify your
·         Develop a plan to turn weaknesses into strengths.
·         Learn about concepts and industry practices,
       even those your agency might not utilize.
·         Be better prepared to pass your exam.


Sam Rose has 38 years’ experience in sewer collection systems in both operations and engineering. He began his career as a temporary laborer and held the positions of Maintenance Worker, New Construction Inspector, Field Services Technician, Construction Manager, Technical Services Manager and Operations Superintendent.  Sam’s involvement with CWEA’s Technical Certification Program (TCP) includes TCP Executive Committee Chair, Certification Test Prep Taskforce, Facilitator for Train-the Trainer workshops, Collection System Exam Revalidation Project, Grade 4 Study Guide Update, Item Writer (developing test questions), Collection System Blueprint Project, Subject Matter Expert (SME), and TCP Test Prep instructor. Sam remains involved in training and employee development through his consulting business.

Note - this is a sponsored event listing. This is NOT a CWEA event.

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