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Biosolids and Renewable Energy Seminars - Oakland, CA

October 13, 2021
***Online registration is now closed. Please contact member Services at 510-382-7800 option 4 to register, or you may register onsite.
State regulations on organics diversion (SB 1383) and possible new PFAS regulations are a call to action for the wastewater community and technology providers. Water resource recovery facilities will help the state achieve its ambitious climate change mitigation mandates by producing more green energy and improved soil health through the use of biosolids as SB 1383 is implemented.
Hear the latest case studies, regulatory action, and updates on innovative projects from utilities, technology innovators and regulators as they implement new, cutting edge technologies and ideas.  
During this fast-paced seminar, hosted by CASA’s Greg Kester, you can learn, share, ask questions and network with fellow wastewater professionals interested in pushing resource recovery forward.
This seminar unites all of us — utilities, regulators, State Water Board, operators and engineers — to work together to implement a cleaner, greener future for California.  
*This is an in-person event.

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