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Ask Dr. Mentor - Live Webinar

February 21, 2023
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California water and wastewater agencies and firms are striving for retention, job satisfaction, improved morale, increased productivity, and cultivating successful leaders.

Mentoring facilitates these goals. Mentoring is a reciprocal and collaborative relationship that supports the mentee’s growth, learning, and career development with an emphasis on career goals and sound advice.

Unlike coaching, which usually focuses on improving job performance and may not be voluntary, mentors help their mentee navigate the speed bumps in their careers, providing support and encouragement. They are trustworthy and empathetic.

The good news is mentoring is two-directional. Mentors benefit just as much from the relationship as the mentees do! 

CWEA is excited to kick off a mentoring program in this new year and we want to hear from you. 
What questions do you have about mentoring?

CWEA’s Mentoring Work group along with Susan Weinberger (aka Dr. Mentor) will share information on the new program, how to get involved, expectations of the program, and our next steps.


Dr. Susan G. Weinberger, aka Dr. Mentor, is President, Mentor Consulting Group (MCG) in Norwalk, CT. MCG is  assisting CWEA in designing and implementing a high-quality, effective, and sustainable mentoring program for its members.


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