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FOG 2021 Virtual Workshop

March 11, 2021
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We are uniting California’s FOG fighters once again for the annual CWEA FOG Workshop. This year are going virtual for the safety and convenience of all members. Fats Oil and Grease (FOG) continue to be a challenge for sewer systems. Despite the ongoing pandemic, pretreatment inspectors, collection system workers, permit writers, agencies and vendors must carry-on with our efforts to reduce the amount of FOG entering the system.

Join our all-star line-up of FOG experts during the afternoon workshop on March 11th. This unique workshop is jointly organized by CWEA’s Collection Systems and P3S Committees to demonstrate a united front in our fight against FOG.

Join a hundred wastewater professionals focused on fighting FOG to collaborate, share experiences, and learn about great new strategies to use.


  • Grease Interceptor Plan Checks and Sizing
  • Permitting legacy food service establishments
  • Using GIS technology for inspections
  • Streamlining Permitting for Small Businesses
  • We will end the day with a live panel discussion with our FOG experts.
  • Get your FOG program questions answered.


  • Compliance inspectors
  • Collection system managers
  • Collection system crews
  • Engineers and permit writers
  • State and Regional Regulators
  • FOG Vendors


Theodore B. Higgins, FOG program manager for LA Sanitation and Environment, City of Los Angeles


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