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Webinar: CWEA-CASA COVID-19 Update (Free)

September 30, 2020
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CASA-CWEA Webinar: Coronavirus and Wastewater Worker Safety
In April WEF convened a blue-ribbon panel of experts for a critical review of collection and treatment processes and the resulting wastewater aerosols in light of the coronavirus pandemic. The panel examined the pathways of potential exposure to the virus and released a 114 page report in August. Hear from several of the WEF panelists in our next CASA-CWEA webinar. They'll also provide the latest updates on Federal and local efforts to implement wastewater surveillance.
  • Dr. Amy Kirby, CDC
  • Dr. Andrew Sanderson, WEF Chief Medical Officer 
  • Dr. Naoko Munakata, LACSD
  • Dr. Chuck Gerba, University of Arizona
  • Moderator: Greg Kester, CASA
Although the virus’ RNA has been detected in untreated wastewater, no reports thus far have shown viable or infectious forms of the virus in wastewater. The virus that causes COVID-19 requires living host cells to
reproduce. Given the characteristics of the virus that cause COVID-19, the panelists write, it is unlikely that this virus would be any more infectious than other types of viruses typical to the wastewater environment.
The panel notes, however, that although the infectious form of the virus that causes COVID-19 has not yet been detected in wastewater, wastewater sludge, or biosolids, its presence cannot be completely ruled out without further research.
The findings include a critical review of existing sector guidance on biohazard exposure, an assessment of whether COVID-19 prompts new guidance for biohazard safety, and recommendations for further research.
Download the report on WEF's Access Water document library >
Read WEF's announcement >

This webcast is organized by CWEA’s Education Team in partnership with the California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA).
During the webinar registration process, you will be able to provide information about your agencies use of wastewater surveillance or leave the questions blank if you don’t know. We’ll share, agency to agency what
everyone is learning about this emerging public health monitoring process.
Live webinar participants who participate in the full webinar through a personal computer, smartphone or tablet will receive 1.8 contact hours toward all CWEA technical certifications.

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